Photoshoot Thursday…..

27 Jul

But its Sunday you say? Well i know. but i didn’t want to wait till next Thurs!! Getting “Photoshoot Thursday” actually shot and edited AND posted on Thursday is kinda hard! So here ya go……

Kel and I went down to Balboa. We had intended to take shots at there mini…i dont know, fun park i guess you can say. I haven’t been down there since High school, but from what i remember, they have like an arcade area and a ferris wheel. There used to be a photobooth but i checked on (which is SUCH a great idea), and they said it had moved. bummer. So when we got there Keleigh soon realized that we were on the wrong side and needed to take the ferry across (my bad!). Well neither of us brought our wallets and didn’t feel like pan handling so we just walked around for a while…..

Now this gentleman was AWESOME. I figure it’s his daily evening routine to come down to the boardwalk, watch the sun go down and smoke a cigarette. Well this day he happen to sit at a bench that was right in front of where Kel and i were taking pictures. I hesitated for a moment about asking if i could take a picture of him but then just grabbed my camera and went for it. He was surprised i wanted to take one of him but happily said yes! I didn’t get his name, but it made me wish that i still had a grandpa. This man will always be cool in my book!

Then to top it off he said he would take a pic of Kel and i! I handed him my camera and told him what to do. I think the picture came out great, if i do say so myself…

And yes. In this post i also went crazy with the layers. I’m just trying them all out guys!


3 Responses to “Photoshoot Thursday…..”

  1. Lisa Fehser July 27, 2008 at 9:31 am #

    The little old man was too cute! I miss my Grandpa DEARLY! He died on my birthday 3 years ago & I think about him all the time! (Jacob is named after him).I think he is quite the photographer because the last pic (you & Kel) is adorable!!!
    Love, Lisa

  2. Mom July 28, 2008 at 7:22 am #

    Great job girl ! You can even make a mail box look awesome ! I love the picture of you and Keleigh…sooo cute…Classic that the Grandpa has a cigar in his hand. Grandpa Ken would be so proud…I could see him posing for that shot .

  3. natlpz July 30, 2008 at 11:10 pm #

    you ladies are stunning. keleigh’s lips are so luscious.

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