3 Jan

I just wanted to bring Mark to the top of my page again and to remind everybody to keep praying for him and his family…

Here is the most recent update I pulled from his web page….

PM Update Day 23

January 3, 2009 by joshuaangulo

Mark is steady and looks better.  As we pray for a complete miraculous healing, here are some specifics that you can pray for as well.

His lungs need to be suctioned this evening which will allow more oxygen to circulate throughout his body and to his brain.  Pray that the procedure has the desired result.

Please also continue to pray that we see more signs of brain activity as they continue to slowly wean Mark from the sedatives that he’s been on.

His fever is pretty much gone.  Thanks for praying!

….although this is good news, there is still an extremely long road ahead. Keep praying for these small steps!!

One Response to “Mark….”

  1. Mom January 4, 2009 at 5:57 pm #

    That is so awesome that you mentioned Mark honey…I hope this reaches many prayer warriors…love Mom

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