Road Trip Part 2…

22 Dec

So we drove through new Mexico and Texas and then finished off the night in Oklahoma City. This drive was a lot longer it seemed, but i think just because it wasn’t as action packed as the night before….

That is, until action found us…

somebody got pulled over!! i was wondering when/if it was gonna happen. We just sat in our car waiting to find out what was gonna happen..

after the cop left we heard Cristy on the radio – turns out the cop was just making sure we weren’t speeding, he questioned Cristy on how fast they were going. She told him and he said “ok” and walked on back. Lucky, lucky!!

It was right around here when Jade decided to put Michael Jackson on. I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize that her Aunt was 1.) going stir crazy in the back seat and,  2.) knew every word to every song and was not gonna hold back while singing and bustin some sick moves. hahhaha it was great! I’d like to thank my yarn needle for being my trusty microphone and not poking me in the eye , and my mom for being my back up singer and dancer.

This is where Aaron decided to jump out and take a picture of the Oklahoma sign. We had driven past it and then pulled off the freeway to back track on foot. I got out to thinking i could jog over there and snap a few too. What felt like 30 min later we were back in the car. My feet were numb from the cold and I was wheezing for like 2 hours after-wards, i am not kidding you. Who knew fresh air sucked that much?? Well maybe that i cant run worth crap had a little to do with it…

At this point I was driving again. Cristy hollered over the radio that they heard there was a hurricane warning for all of Oklahoma…

of course, they were teasing only cuz i was driving…

We called it a night and prepared for the next leg in our trip..

The next morning we found out that our car didn’t want to defrost properly..

so mom put Jade to work scrapping off ice from the INSIDE of the car…

I don’t think there are another pair of dogs that would have done as good as these guys did on a week long car trip. Besides the occasional fart now and then, they were champs!

Had to load up on some Tots…

Jade found out what big league chewing gum was…

up next…Tennessee…

4 Responses to “Road Trip Part 2…”

  1. Mom December 23, 2009 at 8:22 am #

    Those dogs were truly troopers…NOT POOPERS..hahhaha…very fun to relive these days…burrr…Only Cristy could TELL the officer the speed they were going and he agreed…hahaha…

  2. Dez December 23, 2009 at 11:02 am #

    I would love to do a cross country trip! Did you like Tennessee? It’s actually really cool there and the houses are so amazing! But I think after a while there you’ve seen all there is to see and get over it. My next door neighbor used to live there and my family got to visit and we really enjoyed it! But my favorite is still Texas! How are the girls doing with the move? Kind of hard on children but always leads to a much more enjoyable life =).

  3. Andrea December 29, 2009 at 11:06 am #

    I LOVE a road trip!!! And you documented so well 🙂 I started laughing as I read about the “hurricane” warning in Oklahoma…I was thinking all logically, “Can they have hurricanes in OK?…wouldn’t it be more like tornadoes?!!! ” Guess the joke would be lost on me!!!

  4. Summer aka antie cuz December 30, 2009 at 9:41 am #

    i loved it Noelle so good makes me feel like i traveled too…and you pictured Cristy so well it that demanding state ……hahaha ….

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