Road Trip Final Part…

30 Dec

Since we left from Nashville pretty late in the day (well after dark) we were headed for a long drive to Ashville, which was our last pit stop. Part of the 40 was shut down and so we had to take some crazy back highway that seemed to never end. I spent most of the time trying to keep my mom awake as it got later and later. once we got to our hotel at 3 IN THE MORNING we were exhausted. It was about 11am when we rolled out of bed and headed into town…

My favorite sign…

The town is so pretty, and its about 4 hours (i think) from Apex.

Sportin his new hat…

We had lunch and wondered around for bit, then headed off to Apex!! It was soo exciting to drive through their little town. When we pulled up the driveway of their house we noticed that there were lights decorating the windows…then when we got inside Aaron was happy to surprise the girls with a Christmas tree an stockings all decorated and filled for Christmas. Some of the church members came over and did this, also they stocked the pantry with a TON of food. It was such a blessing to know that they would be well taken care of!

Here’s a shot of the house the next morning (Saturday)…

Pretty nice huh? You might want to check on the Leeds blog to see if they post any pictures of the inside. But don’t go just yet. I’ve still got a great baby seal story coming up later in this post…

So we slept on some deflating air mattresses in the house because the movers weren’t due for another couple of days. Although mom and I had a little heater come downstairs and sleep with us. Miss Peri warmed us up both Friday and Saturday night by sneaking downstairs and asking  if she could sleep with us.. haha

So, back to Saturday. We got ready while Aaron had church meetings, as soon as he got home we were out the door to check out their town…

Food was at the front of our minds and Aaron and Cristy wanted to show us this cool little bakery they had been to when they were out during the interview process for the church…

Then lunch..we ate at Melvin’s, this is where I had the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had! I think this will be my “Miguels Jr.” of North Carolina.

After lunch Aaron took us over to these abandoned train cars. I thought it would be fun to do a mini shoot. So I had Aaron jump up into one of the cars. As Aaron jumped up I noticed they were a lot higher than I thought they were….

After I shot Aaron I peeked inside the car. It looked SOO rad in there, all I needed to do was jump up inside. I remember standing there with my hands on the side of the car pumping myself up to take a big jump. Well…. The upper half of my body didn’t communicate well with the lower half, and as I jumped up I was immediately bounced off the side of the box car, almost landing flat on the ground. Like any loving, caring brother, Aaron sat there and laughed. At this point Cristy walked up laughing to see if I needed any help..she put her hands out for me to step in and launched me up to the car. What she didn’t know was that I had never done that before. I didn’t know the correct form with which to properly get myself into the car, so I just teetered there with my legs wiggling to try and shove the rest of my body in. They both were dying as I slithered in like a BABY SEAL…

Then it was Miss Perfect, uh I mean, Cristy’s turn. She launched herself up there with a double back flip and neatly landed on her feet. I think was was still laying on the floor at that point.. hahahaaa oh the things  I do to entertain my family…

To cap off our Saturday night we headed to…. the mall!

Sunday Morning we went to church and got to enjoy Aaron leading worship and his new Pastor’s message. After church we got some lunch, and then mom and I said our goodbyes to the girls as Aaron and Cristy took us to the airport. The trip couldn’t have gone any smoother, I’m so thankful that we got there and back home safely and on top of that – had a great time!!


2 Responses to “Road Trip Final Part…”

  1. mom January 1, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    These are soo the black and white of Aaron..,and Aaron and Cristy..I have the ones of you getting into the train…hehehehehe

  2. Cristy January 2, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    Hey Noelle I think you exagerated a little I only did a single back flip into the car hahaha…. I love the picture’s of Aaron and I, it’s about time that you make this your full time job already.

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