5 Jan

This year we went over to Rob’s parents house on Christmas Eve to hang out. We also celebrated my birthday!

Brooke bought some delish cupcakes for us to eat – i had my favorite flavor – PEANUT BUTTER!!

We played Mexican Train and stuffed our faces…

Here’s Brooke’s cat – Kyro. He will climb onto anything..

Robs grandma and I discussed knitting for awhile…

I got some great gifts for my birthday – Thank You everybody!!

Then Christmas morning we woke up at my parents house and opened up gifts with them and my brother and his girlfriend…the morning was laid back and fun…

The dogs loved their toys…Peewee got right to work tearing his open. I think he’s saving some fluff for later…

Mom got Josh some spoons while we were at a CRACKLE BARREL on our road trip..He started bustin out some sweet beats right away

You know when your mom puts too much stuff in your stocking when the toothpaste gets squashed

When we were done we got ready and then headed back over to Robs parents house to do Christmas morning with them…

There was something about this ribbon that attracted Rob and Kelly to it like bugs to a light. Kelly was prob about to enter full daze mode here..

Carolee got Brooke some workout pants and undies. Let’s see what they look like Brooke!

Later we were on our way to Shalimar’s to have fun and get our Bunco on…

She really likes me i promise…

Finally my Pastry Chef of a husband made me a cake for my birthday – it had been like 3 or 4 years since the last one. What flavor you ask? Why PEANUT BUTTER of course!

It was another great Christmas with my family and friends!

oh yea, if you’re wondering who won at Bunco… it wasn’t me, and Wyatt is not allowed to play next year.


2 Responses to “Christmas…”

  1. aunt nancy January 6, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    It was fun for me to celebrate you and Christmas with everyone through these photos. I love your new hair style, you look marvelous. The peanut butter birthday cake looks so yummy. Love you, Aunt Nancy

  2. Mom January 8, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    These turned out so nice. That cake was sure yummy. Loved the picture of you blowing out the candle…such a pretty girl..:} love ya..

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