New Years….

11 Jan

We hung out with Ray and Kelly for New Years, and this year Rob didn’t pass out at 9:30!

Kelly decided to be the Sheriff of the night. If someone didn’t do what she wanted, they got shot by the marshmallow gun…

she didn’t let the gun down for a second…

of course Ray was the one who had crossed her line…she took him down quick too! If you know Kelly, you know that her aim is far from perfect. But when she tagged Ray it was dead on! I think the pictures can explain where she got him…

the rest of the night was spent drinkin’ and wii-in’

oh ya, and knee hockey…

At midnight we yelled Happy New Year to each other and the neighbors. At 12:10 Kelly and I were asleep on the couch…

Then next morning the guys cooked us up some delicious breakfast….

Hope you had a fun New Year too!


One Response to “New Years….”

  1. Jenn Davis January 12, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    Kelly and Ray have a Starbucks in their house? That’s so not fair. Nice aim though Kelly.

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