Christmas/New Years 2010…

9 Jan

So for my birthday I got a new point and shoot camera which I was soo excited about. I decided to bring it to Christmas rather than haul my big one around. It was kinda frustrating just still trying to figure out what settings I would be happy with and dealing with the flash that seemed too bright, but obvioulsy when I had the flash off I would get the blurry images. So unlike years prior I didnt shoot a whole lot…

So here we are Christmas Eve, I had to beg Rob to come take a picture with me by the tree. As you can see, he’s already half undressed…

While Rob was at work I started off the day with my side of the family…

With help from my mom and shal – I made this doll for Addi…

twin cousins!

I thought it was pretty funny that I could hit my moms boob with my belly. TMI??

Later that day it was off to Rob’s side…


Rob tried to take a picture with Addi but clearly she was over it…

The dice game! I scored some hair towel wraps and I’ve been using them ever since…

the day after Christmas Bella was lounging in the sun enjoying her new chew toy! We got a bunch of cool things and so many things for the baby too, it was awesome!

New Years weekend Rob had to work so it was pretty low key for us…

We watched the ball drop at 9:00 (east coast style) and then hit the hay. Party animals I tell ya!


One Response to “Christmas/New Years 2010…”

  1. Mom January 13, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    hahhaa…those were great. Loved the foot picture at the end. So cute.

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