Penelope’s Room…

26 May

Here’s what I started with…

I couldn’t handle this huge task by myself, so I stopped and made cookies…

I got some major help from my mom and mother in-law in putting Penny’s room together…

Felix thought she needed to hold the fabric down while my mom cut…

While they were doing that I was doing crap I didn’t need to be doing, but couldn’t help myself. Jeeze, look at how big I was!!

I’m making my mom work for her grand baby. We got some fabric and the moms made a super cute crib skirt..

I had picked the Jenny Lind crib out a long time ago. But right when the shower came around it was out of stock EVERYWHERE! With help from Kelly we were able to find it through some website and Rob’s Aunt got it for me. I love it! The frames are from Ikea and the prints are from Etsy. The banner was made by Shalimar for my shower.

I found this print online. Since this is how Penny will see me most of the time I figured it was perfect.

Rob and I found the dresser at an antique shop at the orange circle. The drawers are nice and deep. The owl picture is actually a tea towel that my mom got from Anthropologie a few years back. The rocker used to be Rob’s grandmas. The moms recovered the cushions and added a pillow…

Giraffe bank made by Aunt Brooke…

I got these shelf brackets like 5 or 6 years ago and never used them. But I think they look great in here..

I got this hamper from the Orange Circle as well..

I found this chair a few years back at a Riverside antique shop…

My mom and Shal found these metal letters. I got a shadow box frame and some foam sticky backs to mount them onto a piece of cardboard.

Curtains are from Ikea, owl bank is from Urban Outfitters and the seltzer bottle my mom got in Utah..

So there ya have it! I’m super happy with it and I’m thankful that our landlords let us paint. Maybe I can paint the rest of the house sometime soon – who wants to help??

3 Responses to “Penelope’s Room…”

  1. Aunt Nancy May 26, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    Well done Noelle and her crew! What a delightful place for your delightful Penelope! Thanks for sharing these photos and insights to how you made your nest ready for that sweet baby girl.
    aunt nancy

  2. mothersandothers May 26, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    I bought Amaiah that same owl bank. We’re cool. We already know this. xoxo

  3. mom May 27, 2011 at 6:42 am #

    It did turn out so very cute. You have such good ideas.. We had fun making the things for our sweet granddaughter…especially those cushion covers for the rocker..hahaha…Her room is so calming and she will have fun in there. Now what is the next project?? Love you

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