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Yard Work

16 May

Since the weather has been so nice we have been hanging outside a lot more. As soon as we get home from work Penny makes a bee-line to the back slider to go outside and play. Daddy is talking to her about herbs…

She also is a big helper with cleaning up…

If you need your lawn swept, please let me know…

She’s getting some curls growing in!

I potted some succulents that Jean Marsh and also my mother inlaw gave me. I was a little worried about putting them in my precious Bauer pots but they are doing no good collecting dust hiding away in a cabinet so i’m crossing my fingers that nobody (Robert) breaks them…



30 Oct

Hope everybody has a great Halloween!!!

Lag Central….

8 Dec

So I’ve been busy, sorry about the lack of posts…

here’s what I’ve been up to…..

A maternity shoot for a great couple..

lit a 5 year old candle and within 1 hour it burnt out and leaked all over everything in the bathroom (toilet, trash can, and scale).

Finished a knitted beanie for Rob, but for some reason its got a few holes at the top that i cant figure out how to fix…

hanging with my cuz – knittin and chit-chattin

oh ya, and I’m still growing a baby! hehe

I Made That….

1 Sep

Lets talk about my niece Peri. Her birthday was back in May and I decided to make her something.  While searching the web for an easy pattern that I could handle, I found this crayon holder and knew it would be a perfect idea!

I had bought some scrap fabric squares that worked for me and got to business. Once I sewed everything together it sat for a while. I needed to find a cute button to finish it off. After I found said button it sat a while longer until I could meet up with my mom and have her sew the button on for me.

After that it sat even longer. I needed crayons. Then this happened and everything sat for a LONG time. So finally I got off my butt and took some pictures of it and now I’m sending this little gift on its way. Happy Birthday Peri (4 months later…) Love you lots!