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Rob Turns 30!!

30 Jan

For Rob’s big day we all pitched in and got him his very own BBQ. We had fun breakin it in and enjoying some good friends…

Penny got a present too! she’s been cruising around the house with this ever since!

Olive fingers!

Pinata time!

wrong way Morgan!

Amaiah just let the pinata come to her…


Happy Birthday Robert!!



Up To New Things…

3 Sep

Penny has been working on crawling lately.It’s mostly sliding backwards, but that’s ok!

She’s up!

She’s down

On Robert’s days off he has been watching her…

Like father like daughter?

Whenever Bella is near Penny wants to stare, touch and be licked by her.




Penny Loves Her Daddy…

19 Jun

I’ve started pumping which has allowed Robert to feed her, it’s a great bonding time for them!

Rob Turns 29……

28 Jan

For Rob’s birthday we hit up a sushi place in Corona with the fam. I made reservations, fearing that it would be crowded but when we got there we were the only ones!

decisions decisions….

Dinner is served and the men are happy

Does something smell? Nope, false alarm..

This has got to be one of the funniest “blowing out the candles” faces I have ever seen!

Then it was back to his parents house for gifts and cake!

What every man needs….a movie, boxers and a video game…

Some pastry magazines that he will be drooling over when they come in…

Thanks Ray and Kelly, for getting Robert a cast iron pan that’s bigger than his head!

and since I slaved all day making a cake for him, he had to blow out some more candles…

Happy birthday Robert – we love you!

A Night Out…

28 Jan

A couple of weeks ago Rob and I went out to eat at Ecco in Costa Mesa. Rob used to work with the executive chef and so we thought it would be great to go give it a try. The food was delish! we ate a prosciutto starter – with cheese and pear slices.

I got ricotta gnocchi – oh God I can so taste it right now. I was worried that it would be too cheesy tasting, but no! It was great!

Robert got a sausage pizza, he wanted it a bit spicy so the guys in the back (which he also worked with) decided to add a couple extra jalapeno’s to the mix. He said it was really good – as he wiped his “heat tears” away.

Then for dessert we had zeppole’s! I was so excited to get these little guys – so freakin yummy, and simple.

It was nice to try a new restaurant and actually have it come out really good. We will definitely go there again!

Lag Central….

8 Dec

So I’ve been busy, sorry about the lack of posts…

here’s what I’ve been up to…..

A maternity shoot for a great couple..

lit a 5 year old candle and within 1 hour it burnt out and leaked all over everything in the bathroom (toilet, trash can, and scale).

Finished a knitted beanie for Rob, but for some reason its got a few holes at the top that i cant figure out how to fix…

hanging with my cuz – knittin and chit-chattin

oh ya, and I’m still growing a baby! hehe

The Graduate…

7 Jun

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of attending Rob’s Fire Academy Graduation. It was so freakin cool to see all these guys make it thru a grueling 4 months. The class started with 28 and 20 of them passed.

Here they come marching into the ceremony…

They circled around the crowd so we could all get a good look….

Each class does a class project, theirs was to replace the first flight of stairs in the tower. They took out the first step, which has been there since the early 70’s,  and turned it into their class plaque.

Then they put their class number on the first new step..

Shaking hands with Chief Mays, who runs the entire academy…

Then accepting his certificates and shaking hands with Chief Karnazes.

This ended up being the last class that got to learn under Chief Karnazes as he retired this year.

After the ceremony we were given a break to walk and check out the grounds for a bit…

Then they called us all back so we could see some of the things the guys had learned. One of which was a car fire.

It was really cool to see Rob in all his turnout gear…

Here they come to put out the fire!

there he is, at the head of the nozzle putting out the fire.

Look at how much pressure is coming out of that hose!

Then they simulated a house fire.

One of the graduates got carried out. We all were starting to think that something had happened to him…

They called up his girlfriend up to get a closer look, he got on one knee and we all knew what was coming next

he asked her to marry him, she said yes and I’m sure its a day she will never forget!

Here’s Rob and Tim, they carpooled together to and from Inglewood.

After graduation we all headed back to our place for a little pool party.

It was a great day and I’m sooo sooo proud of Robert, thanks to everybody who came to celebrate this day with us!!