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See Ya WordPress…

4 Jul

Since wordpress is making me pay to upgrade for more space AGAIN,  I decided to leave and go to a new blog host. Come join me over at my new “home”…


See ya there!!


Lag Central….

8 Dec

So I’ve been busy, sorry about the lack of posts…

here’s what I’ve been up to…..

A maternity shoot for a great couple..

lit a 5 year old candle and within 1 hour it burnt out and leaked all over everything in the bathroom (toilet, trash can, and scale).

Finished a knitted beanie for Rob, but for some reason its got a few holes at the top that i cant figure out how to fix…

hanging with my cuz – knittin and chit-chattin

oh ya, and I’m still growing a baby! hehe

An Apron For Nicole…

4 Jul

With my moms help I sewed my first item…I decided to make an apron for Nicole for her birthday. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. It is seriously harder than I thought to sew something like this! Flipping inside out and reversing and cutting…..It’s hard for me to stay focused and follow the directions, I just want to fast forward to getting it done. Thanks for the help mom!


21 Apr

I am the proud owner of this beauty…

I didn’t even know that I wanted one, but when my mom brought it home from Utah as a present for me I wondered how I had gone on this long without one!

Funny story:

UB (Uncle Bob) actually found it himself, and seeing how one of my first jobs was his secretary it seems fitting doesn’t it? Always a Girl Friday….


19 Sep

When Keleigh was out here yesterday we went hunting for new photo spots. We found some good ones, plus a creepy chainsaw massacre house. Should be fun!!




Mr. & Mrs. Garcia

28 Aug

This wedding was at an AMAZING house in Temecula. Even tho it was like 800 degrees out, Mindy and Alfredo were as calm and happy as could be. Their wedding was beautiful…











Are You Ready?

27 Aug

I know i am…